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Poland adopts draft law on investments in nuclear energy

Poland adopts draft law on investments in nuclear energy
The Council of Minsters has adopted a draft law on the preparation and execution of investments in the field of nuclear power plants and accompanying investments prepared by the Ministry of Treasury. Its aim is to secure legal grounds for the construction of nuclear power plants in Poland thus increasing Poland’s energy security.
The project is in compliance with the document “Poland’s energy policy till 2030” and the “Framework schedule of actions for nuclear energy” adopted by the Council of Ministers in 2009. Drafting the law creates the basis to execute the main aim which is the construction of a nuclear power plant before 2020. Regulating matters connected with the investment process in a separate act is to improve the possibilities of carrying out the project. A systemic approach to nuclear energy in Polish law will also improve Poland’s credibility as a country with stable and transparent regulations favouring investors and is expected to translate to growing trust of potential investors and their partners. The aim of the legislators was to maximally simplify the procedures concerning license procedures and permits, while maintaining security requirements and proper protection of the rights of individual subjects. The new rules pertain mostly to entities planning to carry out investments in the field of nuclear power generation and infrastructure. These regulations are intended to guarantee the realization of investments solely by entities with suitable experience, safe technologies and financial background. The draft regulates also the competences of organs issuing decisions in the course of an investment process. The draft sets also the procedures for obtaining decisions, opinions and other documents necessary of complete the construction process and launch a nuclear power site. It introduces a shortened period of analyzing a case to 30 days and deadline for appeal to 7 days.
Source: Polish Market Online
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